tito's top shelf event

June 8-9, 2018
161 Marina Rd, Port Sulphur, LA 70083

(registration deadline:  June 7, 2018 at 9pm)

tito's top shelf payouts

No more than 75 paid teams will be permitted to participate in the Tito's Top Shelf Event.
The following payouts are based on the full 75 team field.
1st-$25,000 2nd-$20,000; 3rd-$10,000; 4th-$8,500; 5th-$7,500; 6th-$6,500; 7th-$5,500;
8th-$4,500; 9th-$3,500; 10th-$2,500; 11th- $2,100; 12th-$1,900; 13th-$1,700; 14th-$1,600;
15th-$1,500; 16th-$1,300; 17th-$1,250; 18th-$1,200' 19th-$1,100; 20th-$1,000

We will NOT accept credit cards or checks at the event. entry must be paid and submitted by june 7, 2018 before 9:00 pm.

If registration and/or payment is submitted after 9:00 PM on June 7, 2018, your registration will not be honored and payment will not be reimbursed.

The Tito's Top Shelf Event is for those of you that want higher payouts with a limited field of “Top Shelf” competition.

2 day event fee:  $1500.00/boat (cash/check) or $1533.50/boat (credit cards)

Tito’s Top Shelf will be limited to the first 75 teams that register and pay their $750 non refundable deposit. The remaining $750 is due in full by June 7, 2018 before 9:00 p.m., or your deposit will be lost and your spot will go to the next team on the waiting list.

We will keep the number of fish and sizes the same as the America’s Redfish Cup regular season events, two fish up to and including the 28” mark and one less than 27” each day. The rules will mimic our regular season events except for the number of teams eligible, off limits and payouts. There will be no “Team of the Year” for the Top Shelf event.

REMINDER TO ALL ANGLERS, NO MORE THAN THREE FISH are permitted in the boat while fishing or moving. If you have three fish in the live well and you and/or your partner both or individually hook up with another fish then as soon as that fish gets brought to the boat and either netted, controlled or brought into/onto the boat, then both anglers must stop/cease fishing immediately and the boat must be in the anchored position to not move any further. Only when you have culled your fish and released a live healthy Redfish and have only three remaining in your possession can you resume fishing or moving.

The Top Shelf captains' meeting is mandatory

and all teams must have someone from their team present, or forfeit their right to fish. Off limits begins at 1PM on the Thursday prior to the event to all participants in any Louisiana waters.

No Refunds or Exchanges will be given once a team has paid either their deposit or entry fee. If a team must release their spot due to an emergency or change of mind then said spot can only be sold to the next available team on the waiting list kept by the Tournament Director.

If paying by cash or check, click the "SENDING PAYMENT" below and mail payment by deadline.
If paying by credit card, click the "Paypal PAY NOW" button at the below.

NOTE:  We will NOT accept credit cards or checks at the event. Credit card purchases must be PAID IN FULL at time of registration. NO EXCEPTIONS! Credit card purchases must be made online below.

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